Wednesday, June 19, 2013

She has a conscience!

This morning Eliza brought me her Rapunzel doll to show me how she had done her hair. It was a braid with one of Eliza's elastic s at the bottom of it. She pointed out all of these details and I was just shocked she had done it. I, of course, went ga ga over it and told her how amazing she was. We hugged and giggled at her new-found talent. (That I hadn't taught her, which should have been my first clue! Oh, and she's 4).
So, a few hours later she comes up to me with her head hung in shame. I asked what was wrong and she said, "Lexi did it." I asked her, did what? And she told me all about Lexi braiding Rapunzels hair, not her. She was consumed with guilt and I was so proud of her for coming clean. We talked about honesty, and about forgiveness. It was a good moment.
And then when the boys got home from school, she was still trying to redeem herself. She said immediately, "boys! I lied to mommy today about Lexi doing Rapunzels hair." And then, she seemed to feel like that was sufficient and hasn't brought it up since. She is getting so big!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last pics of Christmas at the Dunlop's!!

This picture cracks me up. I went down to the basement to check on the kids and there's Molly, sitting in a chair while Eliza gives her a "pedicure" and Reagan was "cutting her hair." It was classic!
 The kids had so much fun making movies using imovie on the ipad. Here they wore my moms superhero capes for a great video!!
 To ring in the new year! Love rummy tile!
 We had our Dunlop Family Games and this was one of the games. It was a hoot!
 Jeff and his girlfriend. Look how he's holding her! He has alot to learn about treating a woman right!
 The kids after church one Sunday. They all looked so nice!

Candid Camera

We got a new camera for Christmas and my sister Jessy obviously took some liberties and snapped some candid pics!
Kennedy being Kennedy

 not sure... 
 Gaming. There was alot of gaming going on the whole time!
 Eliza lunching.
 My Poor Phil. I think he was mouthing off after cutting my mom off while driving so he was attacked. It was fun.

 And then it looks as if he went insane as well. EEEk. Those eyes!!! 

 Hannah Bear
 So THAT'S what I look like when I'm annoyed.
 Christmas morning breakfast. In the background is my lovely niece Kennedy.
 Cousins just chit-chatting
 Some more cousins
 OF COURSE her husband Dan gets a good picture. I see how it is!!!
 And my dear, sweet Jeff.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

December Part 3

I had to do a game for Chase's school party and found this idea and it was great. So I brought it to my parents to let the little kids do it. Chase was a tree and they had to decorate him. So silly@

Oh, Christmas Tree!
Poor Jessy.
3 sort of happy girls wearing Christmas Tree shirts.
On Christmas Eve we did a talent show and Luke and Ty worked forever down in the basement on a Lego Santa sleigh and North Pole. pretty awesome!
They also did a performance of "Who's on first." cute!
We watched the story of the nativity and then Grandma Joyce handed out their jammies. She made them all BYU snuggy PJ's! Awesome! Not pictured is Eliza who pitched a fit b/c she didn't get dress jammies so we figured she was exhausted and put her to bed!
Christmas morning! Some excited kiddos!
All the grandkids attacking and hugging grandma.
Showing Jessy her new baby Ariel doll.
Chasey checking out his stocking.
Ty Ty.
Jack and Chase comparing Army toys.
Phil opening up our new camera! So excited and afraid of it!
Reagan and Eliza happy w/ their new toys.
Eliza the red-nosed reindeer. This was the gift Chase bought her at the school store. Funny!
Is she happy?!?!?
Ben gets another handgun. So tough.
For some reason my niece Kennedy asked for this horse head. It was hilarious!! 
you are killing me Kenners!
2 peas in a pod.
My mom just found the Birmingham Children's Museum. It was awesome! 
We went into one of those wind tunnels. It went just higher than Hurricane Sandy. This is apparently what I looked like standing outside watching that tree fall. except I was ticked. Just saying'.
Look at all that hair!
This was nuts. You ride this bike on a wire about 30 feet off the ground. Phil went on it and tilted from side to side. Weird!
A simulated tornado that you can stand in. Fun.

zipline-Chase and Ty said grandpa's is way funner. :)

I'd love to have a big water table one day. I love making all the dam's and locks.
This was sweet. You pull up on this ring and it forms a huge sudsy bubble around you. So cool!
life sized lite brite? Yes!
Back on the home front. Phil and I brought this stone angel that was lovingly given to us by a friend who just bought a house and didn't want her. Poor thing. So we drove her all of the way to Bama where she was decorated, hidden in strange places throughout the house and I think after we left my mom said the Mortensen's shot at it w/ the paint guns. 
This is on my parents bed. Luke and Ty helped me and we giggled and giggled.
I went to the bathroom one night and almost died when I found her on the toilet w/ a mullet!!!
I also went to bed one night and found her tucked in bed w/ my daughter. Freaked me out!
I left her in the tub for Dan to find. he he.
Phil ready to make the next move. It was great!